-----Spirit has a super disposition, loves to work and always aims to please.
A handy asset on the ranch as well, used to sort, pen and move cattle as well as rope & drag calves to the fire. Plus in his
free time he gives riding lessons and enjoys dressing up for a parade!
*** As a green horse he placed top 5 in 5 events, each time out.

AQHA Reserve All Around award, ++++  Open reining points,++++ Open reining winner --at his first show!!! +++++Open reining
reserve winner. ++++  & points in pole bending.
+++ ---- Top 5 contender in SR Open reining, SR Open reining WINNER & SR Open reining Reserve Winner!!!! Plus is ranked
4th in the state for SR reining.
He has shown his versatility each time out. He enjoys the show ring & has a natural charisma.

He loves children and they instantly love him! He's kind and gentle and always ready for the next job.
A special guy with a lot of heart and charisma. He is a beautiful effortless mover!!


Stud service available. Live Foal guarantee.

Spirit is AQHA Incentive Fund enrolled & All Foals are
AQHA Incentive Fund Eligible.

Fresh cooled shipped semen available.

Stud fee  $ 450.00 plus chute & shipping fees if for shipped semen.

High percentage color producer. Buckskin, Dun, black, smokey
black, cremello.  LIVE FOAL GUARANTEE

Spirit foals are easily foaled and mature quickly & easily.

His foals are balanced,correct,very intelligent, easy to train
and very friendly & superb movers.

Multiple mare discount.  FREE BREEDING TO PROVEN PERFORMANCE MARES!!!! ask for details.
Spirit pedigree 4 generation  with info.

Wishing Star Ranch
Mercer, ND. 58559
Angie Dieterle
Cell: 701-720-9021

Please see the blue link near the top of the page for remarkable information on his lineage!!!
Wishing Star Ranch
Run down Video!!
Beauty, Conformation, brains,
disposition, cow sense, speed,
versatility, athleticism.
As a youth horse at a local show!
First time in the branding pen & loving it!
He's excellent at gathering & sorting cattle &
draggin calves to the fire.
Loosening the cinch after job
well               done, happy horse &