Wishing Star Ranch
Mercer, ND. 58559
Angie Hansen
Cell: 701-720-9021
About Us
THEE one & only,  Lace,
"she's a keg of dynamite
well lit at both ends!"

Forever in my heart &
never replaced.

Wishing Star Ranch
Kala & her baby goat
Dillon & Smokey
Sold to Keanna!!!
Lacey (7) & Frosty( 22)   1-D barrel horse!!

SOLD to Waylyn.
Dillon & his longhorn heifer calf
Dillon does a heck of a job getting em' kid broke!

SOLD TO PA!!!!!!

Broke to ride triple!!
Kala, pleasure rider & glamour girl
The Three Amigos!!
Lacey,, the cowgirl
Spirit & I, out for a lope

We all miss you big girl!!!!!

                            Angie grew up on a farm and ranch operation in Central Minnesota. Raising beef cattle, crops and a few of the very best ranch
horses                                 ever. She has successfully competed in a variety of state competitions at favorable levels over the years.
                    A competent competitor in a variety of Minnesota open shows, MN state fair top 10 all around. Big Muddy Ranch team penning
winner.                              Consistently in the Big Muddy Ranch team penning top 10. Rocky Riders Saddle Club champion. Rocky Riders Saddle Club
                    Western Saddle Club Association contestant.
                     A member and competitor in the National Barrel Horse Association, the NorthWest Silver Bullet Saddle club in Washington
State.                                        Washington State open shows, Washington State open races.
                    In the past years the primary events entered were barrel racing , pole weaving, pole bending, stakes race, flat races, keyhole,
jumping                             figure 8, speed dash, speed and action, and any variety of timed events.
                    In recent years she has added into her horse competitions amateur reining, open reining, western riding, horsemanship, and for
fun,                               egg and spoon.
                   She has a strong history of horse enthusiasm and an ongoing knowledge of equine studies. Angie has completed Jesse Berry's
School                            of Horsemanship, Western Riding, equine behavior and has completed her Associate of applied Science degree with Western
Dakota                                 Technical Institute in Agriculture Resources Technology equine management and training. She has successfully completed
this course                           as of May 2009.
                    Dillon 1-24-93 - June 30,2012. Her beloved and only son, Dillon, went on to ride the green pastures where the water runs cool, clear
&                              deep and the grass grows stirrup high. You will always be missed Dillon. You are moms lil cowboy. Dillon followed in mom's
footsteps with                       horses and in so many ways. Mom & Dillon had a great relationship, with a lot of love. They share stories of goofing off and
riding                                      together, year after year. Competing against each other and cheering each other on. You will always be loved & missed.

                    Her twin girls have been at horse shows since they were 6 weeks old!! They are often the assistant groomers and moms helpers.
They                             also have been showing horses since they were very 1 yr old.

                    Lacey has her beloved Playgirl, a wonderful grand daughter of Freckles Playboy and Dry Doc. We still are not sure who loves
whom                                      more!! As Playgirl would be lost without her Lacey.. and to Lacey,, there is only one Playgirl. Lacey and Playgirl enjoy barrel
racing, pole                             bending, and egg and spoon along with walk trot class and also enjoy trail riding. A real favorite is monkey on a barrel
with her sister,                               Kala. Lacey is a future barrel racer at the NFR!!!

                    Kala has her 7 year old beautiful bay mare, Cinder- who is a daughter of our stallion. Together they are coming along nicely and
both                                  are having a lot of fun. Cinder and Kala has had Cinder riding since the summer of 2009. They won their first time out! Kala
then asked                             Cinder to do goat tying and Cinder was happy to do it! They did a great job! The pair compete in barrel racing, pole
bending, walk trot                               class and also enjoy trail riding. Kala enjoys riding English as well and jumping. Kala is our future Western
Pleasure and showmanship                              contestant!! Pretty is as pretty does.

                    Last but not least... Brandy. Brandy Lynn was born in April 2010. She loves to play with her big sisters, whom she adores.
Brandy                                        entered into her very first class of lead line when she was only 4 months old. Sitting aboard Lacey's mare, Playgirl, with
Lacey holding                               her while mom walked the pair. She received honorable mention for the entry!!
                    She too is a horse addict and as such needed her very own pony to ride and love. So, we bought Flash!! Brandy loves to ride,
barrel                                 race and rope, and play with the horses and ponies on the ranch. Flash is a perfect pony for her and takes good care with
her. When                                Brandy isn't playing with mom or sisters, she is riding Flash or roping or all the above.

                 Please see pictures on the kids show page.

                 We are situated on the old Box T Ranch, located only 45 miles north of Bismarck and I-94, in the gentle rolling
hills                             of Central North Dakota.  The Box T Ranch was loved by all of those who were a part of the Bible and saddle
camp                             which ran for 35 years. We are honored to be the new owners of such a beloved place.

                         Currently our operation is 170 acres strong. Our main barn has several  box stalls plus we are in the midst
of                                         adding more.
                         We also have an indoor facility to ride and work our horses in poor weather.
                                                                 Visitors always welcome!!!

Ready to go roping. Got my pony, got my hat & rope,         
here we go!!!

Brandy LOVES to rope!!!!!
Her pony, Flash is her first love, besides mom!!
In loving memory of Dillon, "momma's lil cowboy,"
there will forever be a whole in our hearts.