Ruffles Have Ridges pedigree

                                                                Raise Your Glass--!!!!!

  Special Effort--!!!!!!

                                                                Go Effortlessly
Race winner, Race ROM, Race $ 6,085


Race winner,                                                        Thermos-!!!!
 Race ROM,   Race $ 28,464

                        Miss Thermolark
Race winner, Race ROM
Race $$ 498,877
                                                 Winner Dash for Cash Futurity, etc, etc, etc,

                                                                                Missy Jo Lark
ace Winner, Race ROM
                                                                                                 Race $$ 6,345

                                                                Master Salls
                                                                         Race Winner, Race ROM
                                                                                 Race $$ 20,703

                        Kita Salls
                                 Race Winner, Race ROM,
                                         Race oney $ 97,569

                                                                      SI - 100   R
ace Winner, Race ROM
                                                                          Race $ 1,627

Lots Of Ruffles
         SI- 105, R
ace Winner, Race ROM,
                         Race $ 23,051

                                                                Will Van        -
                                                                         Race Winner, Race ROM
                                                                             Race $ 6,5,27

                        Raffles Ruffules
                                 Race producer.

                                                                Snip's Girl

Ruffles has 3 colts on the track, they are winning repeatedly!!! Race Rom producer. 2 year old ROMS
The 07 buckskin colt has all the makings for a solid race and or barrel racer.

Cooke County Pistol is backed by over 3.8 million in race earnings. 955 track wins, 54 Superior race award
winners & 18 racing world champions!!! This colt is bred to do it all and do it well.

Wishing  Star  Ranch